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11 Aug

I’ve watched a lot of wrestling documentaries

March 7, 2001 Today, Judge Shirley W. Kram of the United States District Court, Southern District of New York, refused to dismiss certain Holocaust related litigations involving Austrian and German Banks. The decision was met with substantial disappointment both by the United States Government and plaintiffs lawyers, who had filed papers with the court setting forth the reasons why the matters should be dismissed.

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In addition to the information about spiritual practice being more accessible in many different forms, we are discovering new words and metaphors for speaking of the transcendent and mystical. Spiritual perspectives arising in science (quantum physics, chaos theory, creativity studies, biology, ecology), and other bodies of learning including art and alternative healing, are enriching our understanding of the spiritual dimension outside of traditional religious formulas. We need no longer to see spirituality as an arbitrary set of beliefs held by a select group..

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