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But there’s something hidden fake paraphernalia and drugs

Had meals every day, said Christy. Had burn survivors that came and visited me. I probably had six people that just helped to guide me through what I was going to experience, what I was going to feel, and what the next phase looked like. Named after Thomas Stone and John Hart, a pair of patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence, this Kendall hangout for firearm enthusiasts is filled with guys and gals who strive to embody the same kind of “resiliency, hard work, honesty, and leadership that these two great individuals demonstrated throughout their lives.” Oh, and if it’s the second or fourth Thursday night of the month, they’ll also be blasting bowling pins with rented handguns ($20 for members, $25 for nonmembers). For amateurs, the fine, friendly folks at Stone Hart’s offer “free monthly basic safety courses” as well as affordable $100 to $149 “safety training, concealed weapon, and precision shooting, women only, and family courses, among others.” For the pros, though, just pack an extra large shooter’s bag, throw on your favorite conceal carry Bermuda shirt, and go unload on one of Stone Hart’s 16 shooting lanes, all for only $13 to $18 an hour. Other notable perks: free Wi Fi, cable TV, and gourmet coffee..

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