24 Feb

Discussions on pads, technique and others are welcome

Seriously. There cameras everywhere. Why do we not have 2 3 other refs on ear piece with the inside ref getting close angles and looking all over? My issue with this “TKO” is that no on called it a TKO during the fight. Yeah, everybody gets discussed, he said. That a problem? Isn that the way most teams do it. People seem shocked by that.

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Cheap Jerseys from china Learn from my mistake and do not move until you have a job lined up. The market down here (at least in Tampa/St. Pete) is brutal. A community made for hockey goalies. Discussions on pads, technique and others are welcome.If you post a link or topic and it doesn appear in a day or two, it may have been caught in the spam filter. If it catches it by accident, please use the message the moderators link to let us know and get it approved.Looking for gear reviews? Want to review something? Take a look through the Official Gear Review thread.First time goalie? Not sure what to buy? Check out this article. Cheap Jerseys from china

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