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I have not heard what opinion is entertained of this project

Assessing all of Maine’s wildlife was beyond the scope of this report so we instead examined five species in depth: Atlantic puffins, European green crabs, Atlantic herring, North Atlantic right whales, and Western North Atlantic harbor seals. These species are representative of four different coastal habitats and provide specific examples of the successes and failures in Maine’s coastal wildlife management.Atlantic puffins are becoming increasingly affected by climate change as the Gulf of Maine is warming 99% fast than any other ocean in the world (Abel, 2014). The 2012 and 2013 breeding seasons saw a significant decrease in breeding success.

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Feliz compliments his fastball with a slider and changeup, both of which have been described as average at best, although many scouts think his secondary pitches could end up as plus ones. It will be interesting to see how Feliz responds to the perceived pressure of being a last minute addition to the Astros’ 40 man roster, a move that led to former first round pick Delino DeShields Jr. Selection by the rival Rangers in the last Rule 5 draft..

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