In Villa Dining

For your lunch or dinner you can chose from a selection of exquisite International or Indonesian dishes which will be prepared by our professional chef. Please consult our In Villa Dining menue when you arrive at Villa Santun.The meals will be served in the privacy of your villa until 11pm. At night time simple snacks are available.


Lumpia                  50-

Deep fried homemade springs rolls with chicken and vegetables, served with sweet and sour sauce.


Martabak               60-

Is one of the most popular Indonesian street food, our version is filled with minced chicken & vegetables folded in thin pastry, served with sweet and sour sauce.


Gyoza                      60-

Home-made thin pastry dumplings filled with minced and spiced chicken meat, served with organic salad and soya sauce.


Gnocchi                  40-

mixed vegetables cream, parmesan cheese and tomato sauce                         


Warung Carik Salad       55-

Mixed green vegetable with grilled bacon and crispy bread, served with honey mustard dressing.


Garden Salad                   50-

Cucumber, tomato, black olive, potato, mint leaves, and topped with honey mustard dressing.

Chicken Sesame Salad     65-

Marinated chicken with sesame seed, cucumber, tomato, black olive and honey mustard dressing


Balinese Moringa Soup         45-

With sautéed chicken in bumbu kalasan, moringa leaf and lemongrass.


Green Vegetables Soup         45- 

Green soup with spinach, leek, onion and garlic topped with whipping cream  and served with garlic bread.


Soto Ayam                             60-

An Indonesian version of chicken soup, is a clear herbal broth brightened by fresh turmeric and herbs, with skinny rice noodles buried in the bowl. It is served with a boiled egg, fried shallots, celery  and tomato.        


Vegetarian Sandwich            70-With lettuce, grilled tomato, capsicum, onion, ripe papaya, garlic, mayonnaise on 3 toasted bread, served with French fries, tomato and chili sauce.


Warung Carik Sandwich      85-

With grilled optional (bacon, chicken & fried eggs), cheese, garlic & mayonnaise served with French fries, tomato sauce & chili sauce.


Beef Burger                           95-

Grilled beef burger BBQ, topped with onion, tomato, lettuces, mozzarella cheese (garlic and mayonnaise added) apple coleslaw served with French fries.


Chicken Burger                     65-

Grilled chicken burger BBQ topped with, onion, tomato, lettuce, Mozzarella cheese (garlic and mayonnaise added) apple coslow served with French fries.




Warung Carik Pasta                   90-

With prawns, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.


Chickenarian                               90-

Pasta mixed with chicken, cream, spinach, and onion.


Bolognaise                                  100-

Pasta mixed with minced beef, tomato sauce, and parmesan cheese.


Carbonara                                 100-

With bacon, egg yolk, creamy sauce and parmesan cheese                       


Margarita Pizza                          80-

Homemade pizza topped with mozzarella, tomato, basil, black olive, onion, and concise sauce.


Hawaian Chicken Pizza             90-

Homemade pizza topped with mozzarella, tomato, chicken, pineapple, basil, and concise sauce.


Warung Carik Pizza                100-

Homemade pizza topped with mozzarella, tomato, chicken, bacon, paprika, onion and served with concise sauce.


Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)                       80-

Fried rice with mixed vegetables, and served with fried egg, chicken sate, crackers, and chili soy sauce.


Mie Goreng (Fried Noodle)                   80-

Fried noodles mixed with vegetables and chicken and served with fried egg, crackers, and chili soy sauce.


Vegetables Curry                                    75-

Mixed vegetables in Balinese spice paste curry with coconut milk and served with rice.


Tofu Curry                                              75-

Mixed vegetables in Balinese spice paste curry with coconut milk and served with rice.


Pepes Moringa                                        80-

Served with urap vegetables and steamed rice               


Chicken Satay                                         90-

Seven plump skewers of grilled chicken served with Balinese vegetables, shrimp crackers, steamed rice, and special peanut sauce.


Ayam Bakar Jamur                               110-

Grilled marinated chicken in garlic spiced sauce and mushrooms, served with coconut vegetable urab and steamed rice.


Duck Betutu                                           150-

Roasted duck with Balinese spices served with two-color rice, sambal matah, and Balinese coconut vegetables.


Crispy Duck                                           150-

Most popular! Balinese crispy duck topped with Balinese coconut vegetables, sambal matah, and steamed rice.

Grilled Asia Santun Duck                     150

Grilled duck marinated with basil, chili, ginger, tamarind, salt, and garlic served with Balinese coconut vegetables and steam rice

Prawn Lemongrass                                115-

Sauteed prawn with garlic spices, lemon grass, chili, tomato, coconut milk & served with steamed rice & Balinese coconut vegetables.


Steamed Rice                       20- 

French Fries                         40-


Chicken Snitzel                     60-

Breaded fried chicken,  served with honey mayonnaise sauce & French fries


Fish Fingers                           70-

Breaded fried fish, served with Thousand Island sauce and French fries.


Chicken Drum Stick             50-

Breaded fried chicken stick, chili sauce or tomato sauce and served with French fries.

Chicken Wings                          50-

Sautéed garlic, ginger, mixed with tomato sauce, honey and served with steam rice or French fries


Banana Fritters                     40-

Served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream                                           

Black Rice Pudding               50-

Sweet sticky rice with coconut milk served with sliced banana and vanilla ice cream.


Mixed Fruit Crepes               55-

Balinese crapes filled with mix fruits and pineapple jam topped with vanilla ice cream


A scoop of ice cream              15-

Vanilla, Chocolate and strawberry ice cream


Fresh Fruit Juices          30-





Lemon or orange tangerine

Mixed fruit

Lassi                               40-             


Banana & Melon

Pineapple or

Orange, lime & mint

Smoothies                     50-





Coffee or

Mixed fruit

Ice tea                            25-

Iced lemon tea w. lemongrass

Iced fresh mint tea

Iced lemongrass tea or Indonesian Iced tea 

Milkshake                           40-

Strawberry or

Health drink                  35-              

Lemon ginger honey – helps relieve cold and flu symptoms.

Apple and mint – for blood purifier!

Cucumber lemon and mint- is a great way to stay hydrated and reverse inflammation!

Apple, carrot & celery juice – strengthen the immune system!

Pineapple carrot honey is good for the heart.

Or any fresh teas!

Beer & soft Drink                              

Small Bintang or CAN                   35-

Large Bintang                                 60-

Coke, Sprite                                          25-

Plaga Wine white- Chardonnay or Sauvignon blanc
Plage Wine Red-Cabernet Sauvignon

By the glass 50- by the bottle 250-

Notes: Rates are in thousand rupiahs and 21% Government tax and service charge will be added to your bill