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So, if you goose outlet canada canada goose training for a

By Rachel CavanaughContent Provided byWestend61/Getty ImagesIf you like runningwhen the sun out, you need a good pair of sunglasses the last thing you want is to be squinting at the sun while trying to get in the zone.First off, you want them to be lightweight. Even a few extra ounces can feel like canada goose store a hundred canada goose outlet online uk pounds when you working hard. While seeing crisp textures and a high contrast of colors doesn matter while tanning poolside, you do need to see the ground you running cheap canada goose on, particularly if you on trails, or jogging off the pavement.It also canada goose outlet uk sale important your sunglasses fit right and won slide down canada goose factory outlet your face, especially if you running sprints, hurdles, or on trail sessions. Plus, if you wear prescription glasses, you want your preferred sunglasses to be made Rx compatible several companies such as SportRxeven outfit popular athletic sunglasses with prescription lenses.Spy Helm 2The best optical clarityDesigned with the same cutting edge lens technology Spy uses in its snow sports goggles, these high performance shades feature a6 base polycarbonate ARC lens that enhances textures while making colors appear vibrant and varied. The Helm 2 which start at around $100 also features Spy Happy Lens technology which filters out harmful short wave blue light while allowing long wave blue light in. The idea is that the long wave rays which have been shown to boost people moods actually make you feel more positive and alert during training sessions.Aside from its innovative lens tech, the Helm 2 feature nearly crush proof Grilamid material with five barrel hinges and non slip rubber temple inserts. Plus, they look good on your face which is always a plus. Sport Eyewear PacyrThe most lightweightIf you hate the feeling of heavy, clunky glasses weighing you down while running, then these ultra lightweight shades from are for you. These uk canada goose outlet slick, aviator style glasses weigh in at just over 21 grams with a flexible, shatter proof SPX frame that in Austria. They feature proprietary lens technology engineered with multi canada goose black friday sale layer, scratch resistant polycarbonate, providing premium UV protection that won scuff up the second you drop them or venture off trail which we also consider a steal at just $133.Prescription wearers take note, these are also Rx compatible and incredibly easy to customize with double snap nose pads andtraction grip contact points on the temples. Best of all, the chic aviator aesthetic is stylish without detracting from its performance features.Buy it from:Native CatamountThe best polarized lensWhether you jog near water, train in a snowy mountain town, or simply like the look of polarized sunglasses, these Native shades are canada goose outlet uk some of the best on the market. Glare) up to four times more than your typical polarized lens.Native designed the Catamount to reduce thevisual light transmission while also canada goose outlet store uk enhancing contrast and offeringUV protection up to 400 nanometers. The result is canada goose outlet in usa reduced blue light with exceptional contrast and texture. As a bonus, the lenses are interchangeable so you can collect a whole quiver of colors Canada Goose Online for different moods and activities. Considering canada goose outlet parka these cost just $139, they also easy on the wallet.Buy it from:Bolle AeromaxThe best hydrophobic lensThis pick from Bolle seems tailor made for triathletes and distance racers. Thehydrophobic, oil resistant lens coating blasts away beads of water, dirt, and oil almost instantly, allowing you to work up a hard sweat and push through any weather conditions. They offer superior performance in the rain and intense heat alike and protect against elements like mud or soil. So, if you goose outlet canada canada goose training for a Tough Mudder or similar adventure race, you can rest assured these $179 shades won be ruined after just one event.TheTrivex lens material is a canada goose factory sale touch lighter thanpolycarbonate and more impact resistant. Beyond that, thecast molding offers crisp optical clarity that resists distortion and delivers a clean view. At only 26 grams, they are also one of the lightest options on this list.Buy it from:Shred BoostBelushkiThe best no slip fitIf you looking for a pair of sunglasses that stay put while you run even cheap canada goose while tackling sprints, hurdles, or off road training sessions these polarized shades are a superb choice. Featuring Shred NoSlip custom fit technology, the glasses are equipped with rubber pads on the nose and inside the temple tips which prevent them from budging when you bounce around.The rubber pads also provide extra comfort at the various contact points on your face. Shred polarized lens is constructed with a Contrast Boosting Lens system that cranks up the contrast and definition while also blocking the glare. These $200 glasses weigh in at roughly 25 grams, canada goose clearance sale meaning they incredibly light while still looking stylish.Buy it from:Shred OpticsSunski SinglefinThe best budgetFor people who can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on elite performance glasses yet still want a quality pair of shades, these Singlefins from Sunski offer excellent value at just $58. Not only are they extremely durable but they come standard with a fit that feels custom made for your face. The frame is soft and lightweight with polarized lenses which reduce glare when you train outside.Sunski offers the Singlefin in three shades including grey with a rose tint, tortoise with a forest green tint, and black with an aqua blue tint. Though canada goose jacket outlet they perform well during a variety of exercises, they also make a great trail to tavern option, as well.Buy it from:Nike Vaporwing EliteThe best elite performanceSure, they nearly $400 ($395, to be exact) but Nike new Vaporwing Elite are essentially the Cadillac of running sunglasses. Constructed with top of the line Zeiss optics, the sunglasses offer crystal clear optical clarity, vibrant texture, and exceptional contrast. Their angular design is wind resistant and highly aerodynamic, shaped to give you speed in scenarios where every millisecond counts. They utilize Nike Flying Lens technology which promotes air circulation, preventing canada goose outlet sale the lens from trapping moisture and fogging up as you sweat.Furthermore, the wide canadian goose jacket open,single shield design creates an unobstructed field of vision with a wide peripheral vision. Nike Vaporwing Elite are lightweight and form fitting with a ventilated,self adjusting nose bridge and rubber divets to provide extra grip Canada Goose online.

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