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The Company is evaluating the impact of adopting this new

The new standard must be adopted using a modified retrospective transition and requires application of the new guidance at the beginning of the earliest comparative period presented. The Company is evaluating the impact of adopting this new accounting guidance on its consolidated financial statements.In August 2016, the FASB issued an amendment to the accounting guidance related to classification of certain cash receipts and cash payments in the statement of cash flows. The standard provides guidance for eight targeted changes with respect to how cash receipts and cash payments are classified in the statement of cash flows, with the objective of reducing diversity in practice.

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beach dresses The sign ups ELTP would lose would be from people who aren willing to play the league unless they are on a certain team. As much as everyone likes having all the top players happy and involved, it a damn hard thing to do and it done at the expense of Minors/Novice players. This season took extreme amount of effort from the commissioning team and looking at the commissioner application and the responses from the S11 volunteers (or rather lack of them), it not sustainable at all.It not as easy as keeping 6 teams and thinking it will keep the teams balanced. beach dresses

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beach dresses Generally speaking, we found Gap’s low single digit revenue growth and modest positive comp goals reasonable and achievable, but we would like to see the product improve before we put a date on when any of these metrics might be achieved. Gap’s shares are slightly undervalued, trading at a 3% discount to our $20 fair value estimate. However, the still uncertain global economic environment may bound this stock’s range during the next few months. beach dresses

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