This is a behemoth it weighs 2

“You could make many exceptions,” Samoura, a Senegalese, added on the BBC. “Britain is not the only country that has been suffering from the result of war. Syria is an example. If we can improve our defense a bit, get the offense going and keep it adaptive we should have no problems. Watson is coming off an ACL tear (his second I think?) and there no telling if their defense will immediately bounce back after the dumpster fire it got caught up in last season with all the injuries. Plus we get them at home after the Pats, so I not terribly worried about the first game.

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This is high season for small airports that cater to amateur fliers and business clients. But at Solberg Hunterdon Airport, which averages about 100 combined takeoffs and landings per day, a handful of planes sat idle Monday. Normally 70 to 80 planes would be paying to be housed there and paying for fuel and flight training time, Solberg said..

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