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1 Jun

When I lived in Jersey, I did most of my non food shopping via

For Jersey, we would be talking roughly the same cost of living as London.Cheap/er food shops immediately brings Iceland to mind, which is the near definition of cheap and cheerful, though don expect it to taste good. I usually pay the slighter higher amount and shop at the Co operative.When I lived in Jersey, I did most of my non food shopping via online stores, as I preferred to avoid the main town centre, as you will bump into all of your friends, relatives, current colleagues, ex colleagues, and that nice old lady and her dog from the bus, walking down the main high street wanting to stop and chat to you. Maybe you might not have the problem being new kid on the block, but further down the line you almost certainly will! That said, there is plenty enough shops in Jersey to survive, with enough variety of clothes shops so that not everyone is wearing exactly the same thing (though we did have an issue when a Look opened a number of years back, where everyone was wearing cheap New Look clothing for a few months).There is no 20% VAT in Jersey, instead it 5% GST.Also, get used to seeing french everywhere.

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