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Yet it is Sanders, not Clinton, who has gained the most from

Pini is quick to point out that both his parents were Italian immigrants who immigrated to the United States when they were infants. Pini grew up in the Bay Area, his father a butcher who worked eight hours a day in a freezer box, his hands regularly cut to ribbons. His grandfather cleaned San Francisco’s streetcar tracks.

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Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is propelled by many passions, and prominent among them is revulsion against a Democratic establishment personified by Hillary Clinton. This revulsion fuels resentment of the party processes that are credited with giving Clinton a near insurmountable lead in the quest for the delegates needed to secure the party’s presidential nomination, despite the former secretary of state’s poor performance in recent contests, including Oregon’s May 17 primary election. Yet it is Sanders, not Clinton, who has gained the most from the undemocratic candidate selection processes.

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